Monday, January 23, 2006

I can't sleep...

I know it's a ridiculous time of day to do this, but I was lying in bed listening to the radio - the BBC were kind enough to offer me Stacey Keach narrating the masterpieces of the late Rod Serling, followed by some Wyndhamesque future-mare - and considering the nature of being in one's own bed; the warmth, the familiar detritus, the sweet smell of my own farts; but I just couldn't get my eyes to stay shut. So I unwrapped a peppermint and came back here.

The telly's on, and all the adverts are offering me the opportunity to talk to various tasty women for a mere £1.50 a minute, with the implication that I'll get laid. For that sort of money I can go and find a whore, and there's no implication.

I got a bit animated this afternoon when I heard a news broadcast with an item on the Home Office attempting to justify storing the DNA details of children on a database. For those of you not familiar with our delightful 'New Labour' justice system, let me explain. As it stands, if you are arrested, the police have the right to take a DNA sample, and record it. Regardless of whether or not you are in fact ever convicted. That seems fair, doesn't it. The net result of this is that our police have the largest DNA database in the world, apparently some 3m people, or 5% of the population. Around 150k of these are people who've never even been charged. Well, it turns out that 24k are also of children who've been arrested, but their parents had no idea that this record has been taken. But the real corker is that whilst attempting to defend this, a senior police officer and 'spokesman for ACPO' claimed that it is a good thing as it helps people to "prove their innocence". Do I need to say any more?

I'm watching some rallying on the telly, from Monte Carlo, those guys have bollocks.

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