Friday, March 09, 2007

Winning the Wimmin's Vote

I left this feeling a bit guilty last night, on the grounds that I'd ranted away about the obstetricentric conversation at the office, and probably came across as a bit misogynistic.

And then I decided to feel a bit better about it. Tabatha agrees with me. Wendy agrees with me. Betty didn't slag me. When I was bothering to do this with any degree of consistency, those of you who equally bothered to piss on the post were (and I'm guessing still are) mostly female. So I can't be misjudging it too badly.

Look, we've probably all figured out by now, I like women. Most things about women. I like talking to them, listening and reading what they have to say, their company, looking at them, the whole deal. I just don't like the full detail of what really ought to be for someone else to share. For which sharing of detail I blame Jenni Murray and the Andrea Dworkin Memorial Hairy Chin Urban Collective.

So I'm off to go out with my bird, and see how it goes. Then off for the weekend to visit my mother. And sister(s).

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First Nations said...

as soon as i turn my back you're off posting and having sex and all kinds of naughtiness and hijinx. dang. thought you'd abandoned ship!
i have to say i completely agree with your previous post. frances king called it 'the ovariad'. theres nothing as unlunchable as listening to women bitch and brag about their nethers and what kind of progeny they pooted out of them. good on ya. XOO