Saturday, May 27, 2006

Like a Bowl of Kustard

There's a guy on the telly called Martin White who is playing an accordion and singing 'Wuthering Heights' and sounds uncannily like Kate Bush. Great stuff.

I've had a nice day today, I arose around ten, mooched around a little then went shopping for groceries. Well, actually, chicken livers (we all know what that means, but it is a bank holiday weekend), a halibut steak and some vegetables, some strawberries, icecream and more coconut cream and bacardi because I'm currently enjoying pinacoladas a lot and with a bit of practise have got it just about right. NB don't eat chocolate with pinacoladas, it has a similar effect to orange juice and toothpaste. Not a good idea.

As I was coming out of the supermarket I had a brief conversation with an elderly gentleman, of no consequence and perfectly civil. Anyway, I'd returned to the Krustymobile, and was sitting there just about to clear off when I realised that the old fellow was shambling across the car-park towards me, so I wound (I've never noticed this before, wound and wound) down the window, and waited to hear what he was obviously desperate to say.

I've no clear idea what he was going on about, but he enjoyed it, we chatted for about five minutes, and it was good to make him smile.

On the way up to the supermarket I'd chugged past the entertaining sight and sound of the local Baptist Church congregation gathered outside of Iceland and singing whatever it is they have to sing and getting really animated about it (Hallelujah!). On the way back they had pissed off, as it was raining. I'm sure there's a message there, but I'm not sure what...

I have just enjoyed the halibut steak with some chicory and butternut squash, and a glass of rose. Strawberries and icecream to come, mmmmm!!

I spent most of the afternoon sleeping, my average Saturday afternoon, with a brief interlude when I attacked the grime in the kitchen, what a shed, ugh, but now almost respectable.

The point of all this is that I'm feeling really mellow and gentle, and pleasantly disposed to all and sundry. Now I'm just going to make me a pina, and put my feet up.

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betty said...

Just to let you know, my husband was reading this post and said "hah! The smug bastard" to me, which was a bit harsh I thought.

Why can't he just be happy for you?