Monday, May 08, 2006

The Loneliest Place In The World Is The Other Half Of The Bed

I'd been intending to be in bed by now, but I've been a bit distracted. I've not left my scribblings here since Friday, as I was in for a busy weekend up at the country seat. The Ruby Anniversary party was a great success - a little friction in the build-up, but they just won't learn not to poke the hornets' nest, so they got stung - but all the guests seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves, and there was the entertainment of the two Uncles, and their apparently contrasting styles, which actually aren't a million dollars apart. The Career Soldier and the Career Hippie. It makes for good value. And I didn't poison anybody with the curry or the pork concoction.

The motor racing, what I saw of it, was a bit of a disappointment, though well done to Fisichella, and I believe he had words with M. Villeneuve, which is a good thing too. Also funny was the idea of footballers with the trots.

I just looked up at the telly and there was the fizzog of Uncle Dickie....aaaaaaarrrrrggggghhhhhh!!!!!! Telling us all about the campaign in the Far East.

Today, I got hold of some Lardy Cake. Mmmmmmmm. Actually, I was a little disappointed, I felt that they have not been as lardy as they might have been, it is a bit short on shortening and shugar for my taste, but it still went down well with a mug of cold milk.

I've been busy leaving my spoor around on a few other blogs the last few nights, thought I'd widen the net, besides, I had nothing worth saying. You might say that I don't most nights. Glad you enjoyed the Zappa vid, folks, I did too, which is why I shared.

I've been a bit pre-occupied today with les affairs de coeur, or more precisely, my lack thereof. I'm feeling a bit lonely, I guess, which I haven't for a while, or at least since I realised that the reason I got the boot from my last great love was that I had stopped being much fun to be around, and so I had no right to feel lonely. I wonder if I'm not getting a little broody (oh yes, she had a starring role over the weekend), in which case I'm concerned. Although a lot of my friends over the years have said "Krusty, you'll make a great dad." Their enthusiasm for this idea has waned dramatically when I invite them to be mum.

The Greek Genius had something curious to say last week, namely that the premise of capitalism is fear. I realise that this is not necessarily original, but I was struck that our conversation was veering towards a Marxist critique of society. Forget Dr. Anthony Clare, or the rather unctuous Dr. Raj 'State the bloody obvious' Persaud, how about 'In The Psychiatrist's Chair, with Mark Steel/Alexei Sayle'? That would be worth the licence fee. I commented that as fear is also the underlying basis of feudalism - I pledge fealty to my lord as I'm scared of starving/being hanged, he pays homage to the King because he's scared of decapitation - we haven't really come a long way, have we? He's a great enthusiast for Socrates.

Anyway, enough moping and mithering for one day. I'd say 'it's good to be back', but I think that's a somewhat discredited phrase these days...

Love y'all. Oh, by the way, if you get the chance, drop by Wendy's latest posting. It's worth it.


Cherrypie said...

I am very much interested in your pork recipe, Master Baker. I will be back for more hosting tips but am now inspired to search out fishing blogs just to have the chance to comment to Master Baiter x

Wendy said...

Aw, Krusty, thank you for the plug. That $1,000 would pay a few bills here at Chateau d'Wendy.

I'm sorry about the coeur--which, as you know (but may be of no consolation at the moment) could change in a mere day--but I'm damned mad at the friends who talk about your future as a great dad.

These are the same friends who, upon having daughters, will ask if you are disappointed there are no sons. (Yes, it has happened to moi. In front of my girls.)

Perhaps they don't mean anything by it, but we can still ridicule them for their insensitivity.

Did I spell "insensitivity" right? As you suggested, I've had the appletini.

Thank you. Good suggestion.

tom909 said...

I seem to have stumbled into this new, somewhat zen and disconnected area of Blogland.
Are you truly a baker - and if so what sort of things do you bake? I do like a cake myself. I worked as an apprentice baker in a village bakery when I first left school. Boy did I get through some cake.
I had a superb chelsea bun this afternoon - a nice carbohydrate hit there.

krusty the baker said...

Wendy, thanks for consolations. I've already had a bit of 'sons' bit, 'cause I'm the only male in our generation. But fuck 'em (if only!!). Glad the appletini was good, prefer a margarita moi-meme, and yes, your spelling is fine. It has gravitas ;)

Tom; I love a bit of chelsea bunnery, really, I seriously do. In answer to your question, let's just say I know what a bun factory looks like, and leave it like that - why do you think I use a pseudonym? The clue's in the blog title.

Cherry Pie - you can spin my reel any day. (There's so much scope there but it's late...)