Thursday, July 20, 2006

I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that.

I began writing this on Thursday, it's now Tuesday evening. If you've been waiting with bated breath, I hope this is worth it, the site is fucking around with not letting me put pictures in so they'll come later. Sadly no hot new girlfriend to report - but at least a little holiday. To be honest, nothing worth saying, really, which is a shame, but how it's been for a while. Still, enjoy!


Phew! What a Scorcher.

OK, I thought I'd get that out of the way, although all those terribly original newspapers have been there already.

I'm writing on a Thursday afternoon because....I've got a couple of days off, which is ace. T is on his way down here, and we are going to a small event in Suffolk, with a view to getting pretty mellow and filling our ears with some good soundz.

You may recall from here and here that I have been getting pretty ratty with some associates recently. Well, Tuesday saw the day when me and my colleague got up on our big ol' hobby horses and took FN's ever-valid advice and told the fuckers, and the fuckers' bosses, and er, the message appears to have got through. There was a sort of stunned silence then much debate, then much agreement with what we had to say.

Hence I'm sitting here on Thursday arvo, sitting in shorts and t-shirt, sweatin' in the hot humid air and not complainin' cause it's great to have some summer, and aware that Pammy is complainin' 'cause I've had nothing to say. I've been busy, and I'm really in need of the chance to drop a few bits and pieces in here.

Firstly, where are we on the Breast-abet? To summarise;

armpit cushions
double ds

Have we all lost interest? Perhaps these will help...

This is from here, if you are interested in more.

This morning saw my visit to the phlebotomist for another go at the liver test. I was late for my appointment - it being a holiday I slept through the alarm, and woke up with a start ten minutes after my appointment, thus my first words of the day were "Shit, shit, fucking shit." Then I rang them up, apologised, they said don't worry, just get your lardy sick ass down here boy, then we can play darts on your arms, aah ha ha ha ha...So I motored as fast as possible, and was welcomed with the now more usual smile, and we began the inevitable routine of attempting to hit a gusher. First go hit a gusher. Great. It also hit a nerve. Not so great, as it is like an electric shock, with an added sensation of burning. So we abandoned that, and went for the other arm, and again, first go there. I have to say, the lady is pretty proficient, and very apologetic when it hurts and she struggles to find a vein, which isn't really her fault. Anyway, we'll see how it goes.

Last week saw a meeting with the Greek Genius and you will undoubtedly spot that there is a massive upturn in mood about the Bakery right now - yes the shit at work has been sorted, and anyone feels better for that, but the influence of that man on me is very healthy. And he hasn't recommended any further self-help books. Although he has suggested Marcus Aurelius - any thoughts anybody, anyone know whether it's worth the effort? You're a pretty well-read crowd, and I'm not going to ask at the bookgroup - which I missed last week on the grounds that I just couldn't face it - because frankly I don't want to know about it from the Leftie. Although if MA wasn't a Marxist Jew she may not have read it.

I came across something that tickled me this week. We plugged a mouse into the USB socket on a Windows computer, and a message popped up to tell us that a 'Human Interaction Device' had been detected. I think that is a pretty interesting choice of language. There's an element of the probe about that, inserted into my mind.

I have to say, that would be a pretty stupid thing to do, insert a probe into my mind. You might not like what you find.


Right, that was all Thursday afternoon, it's now Monday evening, and I've been away for a few days to Suffolk. We went to something called Eastern Haze, and a lot of fun it was too, a small festival with a fairly specialist crowd, and the main attraction on Saturday night being...well, if you're that interested you'll go and have a look.

The weekend got off to a fine start, with Krusty having driven from the Western Suburbs to within thirty miles of Lowestoft before realising that I had come away without the tickets. There then followed some serious cursing on my part, with T being highly suspicious that I was taking the piss.

Sadly not, so all the way home and all the way back again. I have to say, I am very proud of myself, as I managed the drive without going apeshit. There is no way I would have attempted that alone, as I know I would go bonkers. Anyway, we got there and pitched our tent in the field, and got on with enjoying the gig.

As a matter of interest, this is the first original photo published on this blog. It is the view from our tent...

[Sadly, at time of writing, I can't seem to upload the picture.]

Anyway, we had a magic time; you can't complain when the fare on offer includes;

[or this one, which is a bit of a pain.]

I don't have anymore pictures, because a) other people photograph the lights better, and b) I wasn't really of a mind to be composing my shots with care. I do have some sunburn just above my knees, boy is that sore, but bearing in mind we barely had any rain, and what we did was just a spattering, I'm not going to complain about the weather. Au contraire.

The food was excellent, a wide variety, from falafels (particularly good) to a variety of the usual veggie fare and jerk chicken. We also were offered, although declined, 'doughnuts cooked in cholesterol', mmmm, but they did come with 'free oil'.

Apart from the main act, the reggae tent was where we spent most of our time, because the soundsystem had a cracking, boomtastic bass, which could be felt a long way away.

Anyway, it was ace, I feel well rested and I've had plenty to laugh about which frankly doesn't merit sharing here.

If you've read this far, which I know tests the patience of some, thanks, mostly for bothering, and I hope it was worth it.


Zen Wizard said...

Speaking of Greek geniuses, George Michael should get a nickel every time an English woman has her period.

I think I made a pretty good case for $1-billion and a knighthood--I mean, for HIM, not me...With the $1-billion, maybe he could "prowl" in a Chrysler Prowler...

Anyway, I recently went to get a physical for disability insurance, and the nurse took FOREVER looking at both arms for a vein.

I was just about to say, "Get on with it, Dr. Mengele!" when she pre-emptively said, "I take my sweet time so I get it on the first shot..."

Sure enough, she did!!

The urine test was easy; I usually just fantasize about that actress Golden Brooks on Girlfriends. I'm not sure WHY that works, but it works...

First Nations said...

well dang; glad i could help. although all i did was say 'fuck' a lot and mention lasagne. although that is a mighty combination.
go ahead, read the marcus aurelius. do not expect a merry-go-round ride. the romans can be fricken windy and downright perturbing unless you have lots of helpful footnotes and a sympathetic translator. an american college edition would be a good place to start.
nah; you're british. you can probably read it in the origional latin.
i hope you have a liver. that would suck if you didn't.

Pamela said...

Krusty, I know the pain of the electric shock and burning when the needle hits a nerve. Extemely unpleasant. Extremely.

Sounds like your little trip was great fun.

thanks for posting something!

tom909 said...

Kurrusty, I read to the end. God I feel well-ball-and-chained reading about you going to a rock festival. The nearest I get to that kind of thing these days is the odd blogged you-tube.
I think I'd spin out of control if I was let loose like that, so perhaps it's best I'm stuck at home in front of the telly.

Zen Wizard said...

There will be a Beatles reunion concert this Monday in Atlanta. I know you're a big music fan. If you fly in for it, let me know and maybe we can "hang."

krusty the baker said...

FN; saying 'fuck' a lot, and mentioning lasagne - if it comes with chips and mayo then we're in business - anyway, it did help, so thank you.

Tom - yeah, but you get up and work with animals in fields, and have Dartmoor for your backyard, so don't feel too hard done by.

Zen - sorry, can't make the Beatles show, as spending the weekend celebrating my Mummy's birthday; by a strange coincidence, it's the same as Jerry Garcia's, although she looks a lot better for it!

Carmenzta said...

Krusty, Nice to see you posted something. Yeah, it was worth reading to the end.

I have another term to add to your list:


Use it if you want.

Cherrypie said...

I hate needles. And Hawkwind are the only band in that line-up that I have ever heard of. Please don't expect me to be able to hum anything by them though