Monday, July 10, 2006

Love Thy Blogger

I love this blogosphere thing, I come home from a day at the factory and find that there are a clutch of comments from my visitors, and I just feel so much better. We have a start to the Thesaurus of Breasts, and some friendly comments from some of the Krustians. And folks, that's what makes it good to be doing this, I just love all this empathy and warmth and stuff. Anyway, it's very welcome and very appreciated tonight.

In return, for those of you who are still recovering from the shock of last nights events in Berlin, here are some
highlights, which you can watch in your own time.

[I have since removed the unjustifiably self-pitying shit I put in this paragraph. As penance I will eat a Ginsters pasty.]

Right, that's enough for tonight.

Be good! At least, at whatever you do!


Tennessee Jed said...

It is good to know folks are taking time to hear your tales.

Cherrypie said...

What happened in Berlin? Did I miss something important? or was it just more football rubbish?

krusty the baker said...

Jed - yeah, it is, and I can't quite believe that they do, but it seems that do they do. And very rewarding it is too.

Cherry - have a look at the link and you too can enjoy the fun. It certainly wasn't cricket.

Zen Wizard said...

The Berlin link is not working now, but I assume you mean, "soccer."

I wish you Europeans would go back to something less violent--like gladiator fights in the Coliseum.

And could English fans at least wait until you are actually playing Germany to assault German fans? No, wait...that would make sense. Strike that idea!

krusty the baker said...

Zen - isn't that what some people call a 'pre-emptive strike'?

Zen Wizard said...

Okay. You win. Good strategy, Field Marshall Montgomery.

They will be scared to even LOOK at the English Channel, now.

I read one article where a professional lip-reader was hired to discern what the Italian said.

Allegedly, he called Zidane's sister a "prostitute" and Zidane a "terrorist." Since Zidane is Algerian, that could remotely be construed as racist, which is forbidden in professional soccer.
And it was all probably deliberately contrived to get rid of France's best player.

So, you could argue that the Italian cheated and got off scot free!

There has also been made a "capitalist conspiracy" argument, vis-a-vis soccer in America. Professional soccer has two forty-five minute halves, which are not interrupted for anything short of a natural disaster. The NFL has MANDATED timeouts, for the express purpose of...TV commercials.

There is some merit in this argument. Madison Avenue in the US has a vested interest in keeping soccer down, in other words.

So it's THAT, versus the TREMENDOUS influx of soccer fans into the US from--among other places--Latin America.

I think the LATTER--the sheer number of bodies, who like soccer and have dollars to spend--will eventually prevail.

Pamela said...

This was the first year that I've really watched some of the world cup and I loved it! It helped being in a room with numerous Brazilians to watch their match.

I'll certainly watch again.

Cherrypie said...

I did try the link but it didn't work but I think I've got the gist.

Have a good weekend x

Pamela said...

Krusty, where are you? We need more posts! How can I slack off from my work if I don't have new posts to read?

Chaucer's Bitch said...

whoa! Thesaurus of Breasts? That sounds brilliant! This is my first visit to these parts (the blog I mean, not breasts). Can you fill me in on what's going on? As a linguist, I'm very interested in this thesaurus. (Purely in a professional capacity you understand.)

Cherrypie said...

If you love us so bloody much then how come you've ignored us for the past 2 weeks? You'd better have a really good excuse, Baker Boy. A holiday or sexy new girlfriend will suffice x

krusty the baker said...

Pamela and Cherry; I'm sorry my loves, I've been a bit busy, a bit knackered, and yes a bit of a holiday. See new post for details. Please don't think I've been ignoring you - I thought I'd left my mark on a few other blogs even if not particularly motivated to come up with much meself. Sexy new girlfriend? Do you honestly think you wouldn't know about it if that were the case?

Chaucer's Bitch - with a nom de guerre like that, you're more than welcome. I'm of a linguistic background too, and the work of the wine-selling lollard is of interest to me. All of which makes it even less easy to understand how I come to earn the living I do. Please stay and contribute your thoughts on breasts. Is rowing good for them?

Anonymous said...

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