Wednesday, September 27, 2006

OK, But This Is The Last For A While...

...of this soft fluffy bun, Krusty will be back to bile-spitting nastiness and loathing soon. In the meantime, dig this gown, and yes, Uncle Krusty was indeed 'dipped' in this too.

You'll appreciate that I've taken Cupcake's face out of the picture - she's not my little girl to show off. I nearly showed you a piccy of me doting away, but that's really not good for any of us. If you want to look at a proud man, go and look at Tom and his rare breed sheep.

Oh, and Zen, dry cleaners? No, mate, clothes like this are one of the many reasons that we have wise women. And Dreft. Dry cleaners? Are you insane?

Back soon, Krustacea, love y'all.


Zen Wizard said...

My bad!

Seen the Seinfeld rerun with the sticky-fingered dry cleaner and his wife too many times.

Cherrypie said...

That is a beautiful gown. I do hope they are not your satin sheets that she's laying upon. Tell us it is not so.

First Nations said...

so darling!

what a glorious thing to have in the family! thanks, krusty!

krusty the baker said...

Zen - love 'Seinfeld', and 'Curb..' even more. The BBC insisted on showing 'Seinfeld' at 11.30 at night for some reason.

CP - no, it's my Mummy's velvet bedspread. My sheets are black...

FN - indeed, isn't it beautiful, thank you. Little girl is pretty gorgeous too, and her Uncle Krusty is forced to melt his harsh, abrasive, unsympathetic bastard self for her.