Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Some Stuff.

I've been in a strange mood these last few posts, feeling a bit sorry for myself over the LPS issue, and then all fluffy and nice when it came to the christening, and dare I say the odd splash of triumphalism thrown in, for reasons I won't bore you with.

Well, Krusty is back with a venom-geance tonight. And why? Because there is a rising air, a hint, that people like the idea of Dr. Reid as our next Prime Minister. Or, more accurately, of course, as HM The Queen's next Prime Minister. Now, let me just make my opinion clear, here, in case you've missed the point folks.

Dr. John Reid is a cunt. Dr. Reid is a dangerous arsehole. He is a former communist who is still prone to using the language of totalitarianism. Consider him as the international statesman. Do we honestly think that he is the kind of diplomatic sophisticate who is going to do the business in Paris, Berlin, Rome, Madrid etc? OK, granted, he'll go down a storm in Moscow, but why is that, exactly?

And don't be fooled by the strong speeches and 'can do' language. Look around you, my fellow Brits, and appreciate what a difference he made to the NHS. It is widely acknowledged as now being fucked. Well done, Doctor. He talks the language of the shaven-headed moron - lock up Johnny Foreigner, because he's only here to kill us.

Dr. Reid is to be found on my current list of top exponents of arseholery. The list features;

Dr. Reid
Harry Redknapp
Steve Rider
Paul McCartney
Jamie Oliver


Yesterday I went to Dundee for a couple of hours, which was a long day 'cause I flew to Edinburgh then we drove up to Dundee, did our stuff, then in reverse. I was knackered but I did enjoy it; the scenery on that drive, from the Forth to the Tay, the Forth Rail Bridge, currently looking in some distress, and then the most fantastic landscapes, I wish I'd taken my camera, but hey, I forgot it. But it is beautiful.

Right, that's it for the moment. Oh, and just to mention, this character is back in business, which is great, but he's a great mate so I would say that.


First Nations said...

jaime oliver is on my nut list too.

krusty the baker said...

FN - I'm horrified that his plague has reached you. This is the worst thing the Old World has given the New World since TB.