Friday, January 19, 2007

Happy Bunny?

So, I guess I ought to try and put some effort in here, drag myself away from using the internet for other purposes such as downloading ridiculous amounts of free music - it's there if you know where to look and you know what you want - and looking at pictures of naked ladies. Krusty is in pretty good shape at the moment, the, ahem, dare I say, 'relationship' thing still quite comfortable and warm and a good experience, and work not over-arching and actually quite fun. I have an underling, who has much to offer professionally and is also a fan of fast cars and watching them race - when we interviewed her she expressed a distaste for the Red Baron and a preference that he did not end his career in celebratory mode, and we could only acknowledge that that was the right answer.
Big congratulations to Martin 'Wolfie' Adams on at last attaining the BDO World Championship - Wolfie has a place in my affections as he was the first person in probably twenty years that I'd asked for an autograph, and he was very warm and generous in giving it, and my signed photo has a place on my mantelpiece. What a match it was, lord knows how his nerves - and his missus's nerves - stood up in the end, especially after his semi-final against Mervyn King. So well done Wolfie.

Other things to comment on? I don't watch 'Celeb Big Brother', so I don't know what all the fuss is about, although from what I've seen of the pictures of the actress, I don't know whether Bollywood, but I would.

I took Tabatha to meet one of my sisters last weekend, and the feedback from the Coven is that she is most acceptable. Nice that they approve; it means that the collective campaign is less likely, the needles in the dolls and the hissing like cats which has greeted previous incumbents of the 'Krusty's Girlfriend' position, although it might be said that they only had my interests at heart, and yes I was making a poor choice but they didn't have to be quite so vicious. Still, I love my family, so I sort of trust 'em.

What's new out there, folks, I'm getting a bit insular?

I did listen yesterday, whilst queuing on the M25, to Graham Fellows on Radio 4, with his 'With Great Pleasure...', amongst which selected readings was a passage from what he described as 'Enid Blyton's psychedelic classic', 'The Magic Faraway Tree'. You know, I loved that book when I was a kid, it really is magic, and I so enjoyed hearing it being read.

Right, I'm going to fuck off and think of something more interesting to say, and read what other people have to say. Tata.


Pamela said...

Yay for having a wonderful relationship! Sounds good m'dear.

Keep it up.

Betty said...

Well, things seem to be going well on the relationship front. Good luck to you.

You were asking what's new out there - well, there seems to have been some furore in connection with Celebrity Big Brother, so I'd stick my head back under the parapet if I was you.