Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Have You Paid Your Fare? Exact Change Only!

Happy New Year, folks, and all that. I survived the Midnight Celebrations, barely, my significant mistake being to fall asleep after a large helping of Chinese takeaway - this is, I have learned, not the way to impress a new girlfriend - but we're still chums, and Krusty looks to be doing ok at the mo.

Back to work yesterday, the New Regime continues with its project of reconstruction, the builders have a single drill which squeals all day, it's a little like being in the movie 'Marathon Man', without the charm of poor dear Larry the Nazi. Now, as I was having my luncheon and chatting with some of my associates, the subject of the film 'Last King of Scotland' came up. One of my associates grew up in Africa, and I asked him if he would be going to see the film. We discussed the late and unlamented Idi Amin, and were getting up to return to our toils when one of our party commented that Idi Amin had once worked on the London Underground.

This is, I believe, untrue. However, he did work on the buses.

Whilst researching this stunning find, I also discovered that in 1971 the biggest grossing film in the UK was 'On The Buses', outselling 'Diamonds Are Forever'; and you thought Bond was sexy...not as fanciable as Stan and Jack, eh luv, fancy a bit on the top deck then?

My good friend Nutgroist insists on sending me video footage of large women taking their clothes off, on the streets of Toronto. So that's what a beaver is.

Right, off to do something different, but good to have got something posted, trying to get the habit back, luv yers, K


Geoff said...

I went to see On The Buses and Diamonds Are Forever.

A few years later that Idi Amin tape by Bird and Fortune was going round our school. I didn't find it funny as I didn't understand it but I think you were supposed to pretend you understood it.

Pamela said...

Can I pretend that I understand this post? :grin:

tom909 said...

oi Krusty, sorry I haven't commented for a while - you kinda dissappeared but i see your flying high now.
And yes it's true about Idi Amin - he once sold me a bus ticket, so don't believe everything you read in the papers.