Thursday, August 24, 2006

Git Gawn, Boy

Yes, my turn for a bit of a summer getaway, though most of the summer is gone. I'm off for a couple of days, to Dublin, lots to do there....

Before I go, just an odd round-up of recent things. iPol has taken up a rather cheeky game of waiting until I am admiring a particularly impressive collection of buns or baps then cracking open the Black Sabbath, so that even as I am possessed of slavering lust my ears are filled with hellish thunder and a panic-struck scream assuring me of impending and eternal, unrelenting damnation.

I tried a new barber today (Gosh, K, what an exciting life you lead), I bet you didn't realise that a No. 4 takes an hour in the chair, did you, but I also didn't expect to get a detailed account of fruit farming in Cyprus for my money, so I ain't complaining.

Here's a question to leave you all with; if I sell crisps and fizzy pop for a living, am I really in a position to start telling people what an ethical man I am, and how I have to turn down offers of promotion from my employers because I don't want to compromise my ethics?

Answers on a postcard, please, along with shared expressions of joy at the prospect of being woken up by a Serge Gainsbourg record, on the BBC (!!!), which delightful experience happened to me this week. OK, it wasn't the obvious, or 'Annee Erotique', but 'Bonnie & Clyde' will do for me. I began to wish I hadn't mentioned this at work when Mizz Doianne said that she didn't know what was so rude about 'Je T'Aime'.

Entre tes reins, bebe! Grrrr!

This dog digs a hot roll, with extra sauce, and easy on the onions.

I've said it before, but there is a lot to be found in favour of the French. Yes, I know that Johnny Hallyday doesn't count in their favour - and don't even get me started on the subject of Florent Pagny - but on the other hand there is imaginative motors, Toulouse saucissons, kir, two hours for lunch, and more cheese than you can shake a stick at. And that's just for starters.

That ol' nutter Jerry Lee Lewis is gracing me with his presence on the stereo, and we are not worthy. He's in the same league as Lemmy, for me, in that he just has no business still being alive, but I'm so glad that he is, and that he bothered to commit his talent to vinyl.

Other highlights of the week have included a visit to the dentist - good nick, ta, although a little evidence of ageing and the consequences of having a brace when I was a teenager - and also to the races, where I failed completely to land a punt, but there was the opportunity to enjoy the company of some attractive ladeez and generally get out and about and ignore some less attractive associates.

And also confirmation that 'Holby City' is just abysmal shite.

Right, it's a ludicrous time of night, and I meant to go to bed 3hrs ago, so I'm off.

See you all soon.


Geoff said...

I don't know the answer but I do like Bonnie & Clyde.

Enjoy yourself in Dublin.

Zen Wizard said...

"Baps"--I learned a new word today.

Here BAPS would mean "Black American Princess"--like a spoiled bourgeois chick who is black, of course a takeoff on "Jewish American Princess."

But anyway, I approve of its homonymal usage wholeheartedly.

tom909 said...

Nice baps - top tits!
So the ethical question which everyone is shying away from, I will face head on.
When Arjuna asked Krishna how it could possibly be right to go into war and slay anybody including members of his own family on the opposite side, Krishna said, it's part of your karma, you can't escape it, just do it. This is not an accurate translation by the way, before the scholars move in on me.
So Krust, that means get in there and take the money old boy. Sod the youth of our nation and their inability to deal with e numbers. Hope that's of some help to you - it wouldn't be to me.

krusty the baker said...

Zen - I like baps' baps too. Does anyone remember those car stickers 'Young Farmers do it in wellies' - or was that just something I remember from my days mixing with heavily subsidised dairy farmers' kids? Tom, help me here. Well, 'Bakers do it with Baps'.

Tom - thank you for your input and the interpretation of Eastern philosophy there. Is that from the Mahabarat? It wasn't me with the problem, to be honest, I'm a cynical fucker when it comes to selling stuff, no, it was an interviewee we saw last week who made great play of his ethical qualities and social responsibility, but has been earning his living for eight years selling crisps and pop. And he made me late for the races with his verbal diarrhoea.

Geoff - I did, thanks, more of that very soon, like next post soon. Tonight if I get my arse into gear.