Tuesday, August 01, 2006

"To Have Begun, To Bake."

I'm watching a telly prangram about Ron Atkinson, Esther Rantzen and Marcus Brigstock(e?) going to France and having to learn French because there is no English, by immersion, and it is hilarious and I've done this and it's directly how I come to be here.


Here also looks nice, but I can't read this, so if anyone can confirm it's alrightness than that would be nice too.

Is it socially acceptable to take the Gideon Bible from a hotel room? I didn't think so but have reconsidered.


Reenen said...

It is the whole *point* of the gideon bibles...

As far as I know and understand the gideon bible mission.

krusty the baker said...

Reenen, welcome, yep, that rings a bell from when they came and gave us our New Testaments at school.

Reenen is the first commenter from beyond UK or USA! There is life out there.