Friday, October 06, 2006

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

So it appears that the consensus is in favour of this;

as opposed to this;

With regards to personal taste, have to tell you that I'm not going to expect any lady of my acquaintance to spend lots of time with the Gillette or Immac, although a hairy shin is not so hot. Armpits? Well, if I tell you that my first 'close encounter' as a green green undergraduate was with a German post-graduate, you'll figure out that it's not that big an issue. Although that doesn't mean I'd encourage a beard. The point I'm trying to make, and I think I'm eliciting some agreement, is that I like women to look like women, with all that entails, and that I don't think that we should deny the animal that we are. After all, sexual attraction and lust are pretty animal emotions, know what ah mean...?

And as I can demonstrate from some serious market research (source; MUN Research*, October 2006) that more men prefer snatch with thatch to shaven haven, and that women are not overly enthused at having to trim the quim, just what are the market forces which drive twat mags, and their computer age equivalents, to ignore the wonders of nature in favour of a more suspect offering? Does this reveal more about the taste of the editors and proprietors? It is worth noting that my collection of vintage material from the early and mid-seventies have more rug than a Christmas Day ad-break. So 'tastes' have changed? Unlikely in something so instinctive and fundamental, eh?

Wormcakes? Have to say, apart from the obvious coconut ones, I'm quite keen on the new ones that look like mini-mini battenburgs [even as I write this I am possessed of a savage desire to feast upon mini battenburgs], and wormcakes are only really to my taste as I get older. Don't you find them a bit more aniseed than liquorice?

I went to a trade conference this week, at which I fell asleep. Both days. This might be embarrassing, but it meant that I didn't snigger when we were spoken to by a Mr. Camel-Scat. I kid you knot.

You're not sure you want to think about that, are you? Love and Kisses, K

*Made Up Numbers Research ltd


nutgroist said...

i sometimes think the shaven thing is in such profusion because of the horrified fascination our culture has for pre-legal sexual desire. Especially by those who never got it when they themselves were too young.

Carmenzta said...

Krusty and nutgroist, I don't agree with you because I think the shaving thing has a lot to do with the hygiene thing. But to each his/her own.

First Nations said...

or, as a comedian on this side of the ocean describes it, 'a full-on, 1970's, Alfalfa on a bad hair day rockin' bush! AF-ro!'

am highly suspicious of men who prefer bald snatch.

Zen Wizard said...

Lawyers from Lady Gillette are grumbling about seeking a Temporary Restraining Order for this 'blog.

I'll reign them in as long as I can.

tom909 said...

Well Krusty, how refreshing to find an open and frank discussion on the topic of hairy snatch's - just what I need as I go out of the door on my way to church.
Do you know, without giving it too much thought, I think I would fall into the 'take what you can get' category on this one.
One thing that does spring to mind, only slightly connected, is the snack bar on the Plymouth side of the Torpoint ferry. 'Marcia's Tasty Snacks' is the proud name it trades under,but known throughout the south-west as 'Marcia's Tasty Snatch'. it's kinda odd when you buy a cup of tea off her - difficult not to wonder....

Cherrypie said...

What are wormcakes?

Wendy said...

Krusty! Today I went to the Tudor Room, a tea house and bakery in Santa Monica, California. I bought a package of Bassett's Allsorts and I LOVE them. Thank you!