Sunday, October 22, 2006

I had written some great stuff up here, about a course I went on recently, and the fact that the 'coach' was this guy who was a sort of cross between Yoda and Chairman Mao, with a big splash of St. Paul for good measure, and that I had to endure the company of the non-stop verbal diarrhoea of my esteemed colleague Satan, she whose baby I did a really smelly fart over, but for some reason the site deleted it before I could save it, which was a bit of bind. Just not a lot to report on really, other than some delight in the motor racing today, and, an aside on the recent serialisation on BBC Radio 4 of David Blunkett's memoirs, read by the great man himself, and how I think even less of him now than I did before. The opening extract had him comment on how he felt that having achieved power there was no point in holding office if he couldn't personally intervene to affect things for specific individuals, even though he knew it wasn't supposed to happen. So, he acknowledges that he abused his office from the word go. Twat.

Anyway, some of you may recall that I am an enthusiast for short films, and I have been delighted to find this (below) available online. If you haven't seen it before, first watch the picture, then read about it elsewhere. It is vaguely controversial, and there is some debate about the identity of both motor and driver. Actually, who gives a fuck. It is highly entertaining, especially if you're stoned (NB: I'm not advocating that, of course). And without the blind panic that Spacemen 3's 'Rollercoaster' can induce in the same circumstances if you get in the wrong groove. I've seen men clutch the armchair with their eyes on stalks with that tune.


First Nations said...

I'm still stuck back at the 'farting over Satans' baby' part.....

Bookie The Worm said...

Krusty you rock!

Krusty - good to see you are still pondering the meaning of it all, makes me feel at ease - you are a constant in this weird world.

I would worry if you weren't having a rant!

Heard you were all with Yoda the other week, did you learn how to harness the Antipodean Force?

I'll keep popping on here to see how you are doing.

Take care

Bookie The Worm!

P.S. Prefer it hairy!

krusty the baker said...

FN: Satan was today getting on the tits of another workmate. That's not getting on her tits like I once had the pleasure, more getting on her tits like a badly fitted brassiere on a marathon runner. So I consoled my friend with the tale of the Exorcist's Fart, and it's Krustian miracle powers of healing.

Bookie: I know you like it hairy. Heh, heh, heh. You can't shave yourself! How goes it chum, understand you are still contactable but I lost your number. Drop me a direct mail, if you wish. Glad you feel able to come here and still wish to read whatever shit I come out with. Harness the force? Anyone who offers Billy Graham as an aspirational role model alongside a collection of WW2 generals is someone who makes me a little uncomfortable.

Did anyone watch the fucking film?

Pamela said...

I watched it and found myself swerving and swaying as that insane driver did what he did! Good grief! It's a wonder he didn't end up wrapped around some building or bus.

Quite the ride, there Krusty.

the whales said...

Jesus wept - that was quite a trip! Certainly raised my pulse a bit

First Nations said...

.....nope. still captive to the fart incident.

krusty the baker said... is the fart incident, dear FN, I don't think we had added one another to repertoire at that point in time.

As you should know by now, I love chicken livers...heh, heh, heh.

richard said...

The film would have been more fun if he'd hit a bollard. I'd like to see him do it around the Hangar Lane Gyratory System.

Anonymous said...

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