Friday, March 03, 2006

Bucket of Lust

Lordy, I've just been out on the town, a night out on 'work', all exes paid, and boys and girls, I sure as hell don't wanna go to bed just yet, 'cause I'm a-hammered, a-battered like a large cod fillet, and I just don't dare go to bed just yet.

The occasion was the departure of my former boss, and this is where it gets complex. As you've probably gathered, I'm an individual who appreciates the aesthetic pleasures in life, and, well, I've been enjoying them this evening. Does that mean that one shouldn't mention them? That one should pretend that they don't exist? After all, should my good friend and I pretend that the obvious spark that exists between us doesn't after all?

Actually, it doesn't really matter, 'cause I feel so shit after all, I'm going to 'seize the initiative'. See you later folks....

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