Monday, March 20, 2006

Pleasure and Pain

I'm watching telly (yeah, I know I do it a lot, but you'll also notice I'm a fair critic of what I see), and I'm watching Top of the Pops would you believe for the first time in years, 'cause I know it's had a bit of a shake up, and I was quite enjoying it, and a band who were o.k. and I was enjoying the idea of how I get on with music, when I realised that there is pain to be suffered for this pleasure.

It was James Blunt, and, well, it is a little embarrassing, isn't it?

As I sat there considering its failings, and its utter lack of rock'n'roll, the two presenters, Trevor Nelson and somebody called Rufus Hound - I had expected Rufus Hound to be an actor in a felt costume, attempting to resemble a character from a Hanna Barbera cartoon, in an effort to appeal to the younger market, although I expect they're probably busy out nicking glue, though it had actually turned out to be a cocky but funny blond bloke - began to have a conversation about the rock'n'roll nature of James Blunt, and, with a few gags about the blue rinse brigade, some utter drivel, and a good bit more of Nelson and Hound - I don't get most of these acts at all, but hey, I'm not 12 - I have since, in the knowledge that I am not alone, warmed to this show.


Richard said...

Not only had I written almost the same stuff at presumably the same time, including bits about Blunt, watching it for the first time in years and the blue rinse (hell, I felt patronised by that as most kids had blue hair 28 years ago), you use the same template. I junked mine though but it took me a few seconds to remember I had. Better lay off the Nytol.

Wendy said...

Top of the Pops! I'm so excited. That's from a Rezillos song.

And, yeah, it's a TV show in the UK, but what do I know--I'm just a middle-aged weirdo from California.