Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Something Strange on a Saturday

I forgot to mention this. I got in the car on Saturday morning, with a view to making my way back to the ancestral pile, and as the whole thing started up was surprised to find myself listening to 'Silver Machine'. What's so odd about that, I hear you say, as you do have something of a newly re-acquired need for a regular dose of H - Solstice was a terrific night and really gave me a new appetite for that special sound - so why any sense of surprise at said tune? Well, I knew that it was not on any of the discs in the car, and when I looked at the display it said BBC Radio 4. Now, all of us loyalists and devotees know that the good Captain does occasionally pop up on the Home Service, and Saturday morning is a likely slot. It turned out to be a programme called 'Music To Die For', which was in essence an excuse for Ian Rankin to talk to his crime-writin' chums about how music features in their work, and he was having a good natter with someone called Jules Denby about the merits of our favourite space cadets. Anyway, I've put the link in for those of you who are interested, and if anyone knows about this woman's books, let us know. I'm not a great one for crime fiction, I have to say, so if you can sell me on this, well done, but offers are welcome, and someone who passes here might give it a go.

PS those of you who may have noticed that I've been doing this at irregular hours and were concerned, please sleep easy, I'd just been a numpty and lost control of the time and date options, such is my eagerness to share my ramblings with you.

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