Friday, March 03, 2006

Hangover and more daffodils...

The hangover, you'll be delighted to read, was nasty. Because I didn't get in 'til gone two, and I prevaricated a little over going to bed because I was feeling so grotty, I didn't set the alarm clock. I awoke at eight, and new immediately that there was no way on earth that I was going to be driving for a while yet, so I went back to bed. My bladder and my brain then reminded me in no uncertain terms that they were still suffering the effects of some bottles of beer, two especially sour margheritas, and a couple of flutes of the Widow's brew. I've been completely useless today, so despite arriving late, very late, to work, via a pharmacist, I did a runner just a tad early, as sitting waiting for a database to send me some numbers does not engender an enthusiasm for the working day when one's mouth feels like a second hand sanding disc. Not good. But I can't complain, definitely a 'self-inflicted injury', and it is now going away, which is good.

These daffodils are just at their peak now; so gorgeous, and the scent is through the whole house, just soooo wow!

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