Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Being Conscientious...

This morning I am 'working from home', as they say, whilst waiting for an engineer to come and repair my washing machine. He is now late, and I have had to ask his boss to chivvy him along a little. In the meantime, what to do with my time?

Well, I've done some work, but there is only so much I can do outside of the office. I've made some calls to people to ask them to do work for me too. Then I went and did some shopping, and stopped to drop a suit in at the dry cleaners, where the proprietress asked how I am and commented that she hadn't seen me for a while. Which is true as I've been patronising an establishment near the office, but which I realise I don't have to, so I will return as a loyalist to my local cleaner. I like it in there, not least because she is an attractive woman, and in her younger days must have been an absolute stunner.

Then I've moped about here, ironed a couple of shirts (oh, the excitement) and listened to the wireless. But I had to turn that off, because it was 'You And Yours', and frankly, I hate consumer shows. Take a bit of responsibility for yourselves, folks, and you'll be surprised at how responsive various organisations will become.

However, speaking of 'You And Yours' brings me to one of my favourite subject, and that is voices. Specifically, sexy voices on the radio, voices that make me want to listen if the material is drivel. So, in no particular order and for no other reason than it's nice to share, here is a list of voices I like on the radio, and some of them I like on the telly too...

Winifred Robinson
Barbara Flynn
Charlotte Green
Souad Faress
Tamsin Greig
Fiona Shaw

This is not exhaustive, by any stretch, but clearly I like a woman who is well-spoken, and you'll agree that these are all voices worth listening to, no?

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