Sunday, April 09, 2006

South of Harrow

Interestingly for the neighbours, the random play facility on the music software has discovered a taste for Slayer this morning. I say interestingly for the neighbours because this coincides with my discovery of how to convey the sound through the main domestic stereo, thereby beefing up the sound considerably, and generously sharing my exquisite taste with aforementioned neighbours. But it's the least I can do since they share the steady rhythms of their installing laminate flooring each morning and night, and the accompanying cheers of their domestic violence too.

Still, must be a bit of shock on a Sunday morning. Better than 'Quote Unquote with your host, Nigel Smug' or 'The Food Programme', with which I might be boring them to death if I was as truly vindictive as has been suggested in some quarters. Only Penfold need fret on that front, and I am merely one of the Alliance in plotting his discomfort. [At this point Mr. The Baker doubles up in malevolent laughter reminiscent of the late Vincent Price.] Penfold...I wouldn't give him the drippings off of my nose, to use a particularly charming expression from my native lands.

However, Com-pooh-ah is certainly set upon the hardcore path this morning, as we have just plunged into a gentle seam of Rollins Band, with that ever-mellow chap Henry the tattooed beat muthafucka, fervent anti-Bush campaigner and latter-day Bob Hope. The first time I went to a Rollins gig was in Sheffield with T, whilst I was resident in that Athens of the north, and on the walk back home we dropped in on some friends, ostensibly for a cup of tea, whence we watched 'Let Him Have It' on the goggler. How full of righteous anger do you wanna get? Heh, heh, I really think Com-pooh-ah is a tad raggy this morning, as it's now selected some Danzig. How soon afore we hit the darker stretches of Black Sabbath and do it properly? What other delights does it have access to? Paradise Lost, Godflesh, Dead Kennedys, Bad Brains, tee hee...

I did something radical yesterday, and bought some new knickers. I hate the word underpants, it's tatty and grey. I bought new knickers (black briefs if you're interested, mmm, just think about that and be glad I don't put pictures on this site) and, like the hopeless Brit that I am (it's an accident of geography, honest), I bought them at Marks & Spankers. They are to replace some old black boxers which are no longer 'fit for purpose' following the erosion of the gusset - when I say old, we're talking geological time here - and are themselves now tatty and grey. The main question around the knickers is this; why is each pair wrapped around a 'U-card' within the outer wrapping? Pointless, or what?

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Liz said...

Brilliant. Keep writing, I'll keep reading. My iPod also has a mind of its own. It's been in a rather depressed mood for the past day and I can't figure out why. Let me know if you find a way to gently coax it back to sunshine and happiness.