Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Office of the Living Dead

Having lain in the bath this morning and bemoaned the iPoltergeist's reluctance to indulge me in some Stone Rosary, two of the seven choons thus far cet matin are of that particular flavour. [N.B. these ramblings are verbatim from my desk as the day passed.]

But don't worry, the Byrds have indeed paid their customary early morning visit. You gotta admit, it is strange... after all, it doesn't like Spiritualized - it was a rendition of 'Come Together' on the wireless first thing which triggered this line of thought - but it does like Stereolab. And it also likes very early Motorhead - especially 'City Kids' and 'On Parole'. And this particular morning, it really loves Bill Hicks. A spiritually awakened iPoltergeist?

Interestingly, iPol also has a taste for Serge Gainsbourg, and in particular for '69 Annee Erotique'. This little nugget of desir francais, which features the delightful Jane Birkin (now there is a woman who has aged well, dare I say) is in regular rotation.

Over the millennia, thousands of generations of our ancestors have acknowledged the importance of the golden orb that illuminates our sky and graciously imparts its precious life-giving warmth and light unto our world, each day passing our way, and they have paid homage and worship. Even as monotheism and science have squeezed the ancient beliefs into obscurity, we still wonder at our absolute relationship with our parent star, its utter power and potency, and our special place in its orbit and our dependency upon it.

So I find it a little disappointing to have to work with a bunch of people who begin every single day by pulling down the blinds.

But then they so lack any soul, or sense of magic, that the span of a double rainbow across the sky holds no joy or interest for them. Nor does Fats Domino.

Send for the Soma, the Deltas need some consolation, some numbing.

Now it is afternoon, the Sun is in retreat. We have the blinds open now, now that the clouds have carpeted the sky, it must be added, and my troglodytic associates feel that they can come out into the half-light, rubbing the blinking thimbles of darkness which pass for eyes in the dough-balls of their faces, mouths agape in awe, wonder or is it simple stupor? To mock departing Helios?

On a more prosaic note, I find myself jotting these jottings whilst waiting for both people and computer to deliver on relatively simple requests.

Is this a slightly tedious situation to be in? Of course it is. There is always the usual pleasure to be had, and indeed there are some fine views to be enjoyed today, with some of our regular exhibits in a particularly good shape, noting a couple of my more established favourites, as well as an influx of new talent. Admittedly, the Wild Witch is absent, but there is a new addition to our ranks who has caught the eye, and the ear as she is chatty-fun too, and there is also the presence today of new bodies from visiting suppliers, and that too offers some entertainment of a relatively high order but, ultimately, I'm sitting here waiting for others to get their houses in order.


Well folks, you can see, absolutely riveting at the factory today, but, well, you can't have it all, can you? But you gotta try....

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