Saturday, April 01, 2006

Soft Bun

What a fantastic week I've had, sorry I've not posted for a few days, but just so much excitement. Krusty has, for the first time, become an uncle, to a gurgling niece. My sister has been delivered of a 7lb10oz little girl, who I have yet to see but I'm going this afternoon, but I do have a picture. And, because a) to preserve her dignity, and b) because to be honest we're none of us that interested in the babies of strangers, I'm not going to post it here. But I am a very happy bun right now.

Well folks, what else is news? Good week at work, so you'll be glad there's no whingeing on that front here, and yes, I'm aware that I do it.

Ah, it's Sunday now, began this on Friday, and spent yesterday evening and this morning with new family, ha, ha, really not such a prickly old Krusty right now! Have enjoyed the motor racing this arvo, very exciting! Good day, really, even the radio and telly pretty good, heard the end of an interesting programme this morning which had guests including Norman Schwarzkopf, Tom King, Patrick Cordingley and John Simpson discussing Desert Storm and the current situation in Iraq, and seeming like sad men to me.

I'm just watching an advert; can you imagine if William Shatner just walked in on your life? No, nor can I. Boy there are some shit ads, if you're going to bother to attempt to make me well disposed to your product at least have the decency to entertain me.

Anyway, I'm pretty made up right now. And I think that I'm about to get 'ToTP' with the previously entertaining Mr. Hound.

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