Tuesday, April 04, 2006


I've just watched that 'Life on Mars', and I gotta say I like it. Well, I love the Sweeney, as you may know, and this pays due homage I reckon, laughs and darkness aplenty, and with a clever twist, and the music is good too, I understand there is to be an exposition of Hawkwindism in a future episode, of a 1973 vintage, and not only the obvious ditty. Yeah, good telly, followed up by 'Day of The Jackal' which I've never seen all the way through and it doesn't look like I'm going to now, either...but I did get around to reading it last year after many years of resisting, partly out of the authorship, and mostly out of snobbery.

I have to admit I enjoyed it, and, you know, Freddie Forsyth...he's a rum 'un, I reckon. I mean, I get a bit frightened sometimes, 'cause I hear him harping on and I find myself agreeing with him about something, that is a bit scary, yeah? It shows I'm getting old! But he's a bit of a nutter generally, isn't he? Anyway funny old day at work today, ha ha funny really, and a good discussion with K on why people get so hung up about flatulence. Why is it that we all try and pretend that it doesn't happen? Why do people get embarrassed about farting? What's wrong with farting? I feel better when I fart. I have to fart, we all have to fart, and we all feel better when we fart, so why pretend it doesn't go on. Nobody pretends they haven't got to go to work. I have to go to work, and there are things I do I don't like doing, but they are for my own good. I don't like brushing my teeth, but it is for my betterment, and farting is for my betterment, so I don't feel uncomfortable, and I like it. Nature forces us to fart, and in return she makes it a pleasurable experience. And we're too busy getting embarrassed to enjoy it! Look at other pack animals, sheep, cows, dogs, horses, they don't all stop and titter at one another, or all blush and ponce around, when one of 'em farts, so why do we? It's bananas.

I didn't notice in the police show whether the sirens were nena or woowoo? Wouldn't that be weird?

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Richard said...

Life on Mars was great, as was the music in it. But it's odd to think of it being an homage to The Sweeney, as it quite obviously is, because that only started in 74 and it's daft things like that that bring out the pedant in me. I completely understand your Freddy Forsyth dilemma. Annoying, isn't it.