Thursday, April 20, 2006

The New Krusty

The more observant and sharper among you - and, if you're still coming here, you must really have something about you, if only the wilful stubbornness of the Victorian explorer - will have spotted some small changes. There has been an audit of the 'Worth A Wipes', and a couple of removals, and a couple of additions, and, whilst trekking around those sites, some poor sods have had a shed-load of Krusty-Komment. Lucky them, lucky you if it's your blog, feel free to reciprocate. Also, a couple of changes on the profile, since there was a mention that we don't know me very well, so I've enriched the portrait there, and added a quite fetching picture. That would be glazed-over doughballs with occasional bits of stoned fruit, would it Krusty?

Am still enjoying the mystery book, by the way, and will continue to make the effort, as I have sworn to finish it before reading the self-help book to compare notes with K. The irony of this situation is terrific.

And I am also enjoying my jar of peppermints, oh such delights, peppermint creams, mint humbugs, everton mints, Fox's Glacier Mints, Murray's all too beautiful (bloody iPol!).

There's a man on the telly, he's not Roger Melly ("Marietta Frostcup? She's one of my favourite wanks, she is", there ain't a man on earth who can't find that funny), who's telling me all about Albrecht Durer, and amongst his many talents, his portraiture. He's also asking the very valid question, what sort of man paints a self-portrait which portrays himself as Jesus Christ? Some attitude?

Right, once more unto the bed, dear friends, and back to that mystery book. Can you see what it is yet? Besides, 'Lonesome Dove' is starting, and if it's as ghastly as the trailer, I don't want to know. Night night.

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Zen Wizard said...

I would say that a man that portrays himself as Jesus is either a masochist or has a persecution complex.

I'll ask Puff Daddy next time I see him.

And I seem to recall that Lonesome Dove is as bad as the trailer, so your hunch was right on that one.